Estates & Asset Management

For all matters relating to Travelodge’s existing estate within Great Britain

Travelodge has a very significant estate, with over 580 hotels throughout Great Britain, virtually all of which are held on a leasehold basis. In addition, we have a large sublet estate, with over 150 subtenants, making us a significant landlord in our own right. Furthermore, with over 200 Bar Cafes, we are also one of the largest f&b operators in the country.

We have a very varied portfolio, with hotels located in town and city centres, edge-of-town and out-of-town locations, on roadsides, on motorway and roadside service areas and at airports, in locations ranging from the south of Cornwall to Elgin in the north of Scotland. Many hotels are standalone, but many occupy mixed-use developments with other operators.

We occupy a wide range of different types of buildings, with a variety of different types of construction, including timber frame, concrete frame, steel frame, metsec and modular build.

We do not have a house style of architecture, with our hotels being developed to best suit their local environments and to optimise financial viability. Some examples are shown in the photographs below:

Consequently, our Estates and Maintenance Teams are responsible for many different matters relating to a large and varied estate, across a wide geographic area.

The Estates Team deals with the following matters:

  • Rent reviews
  • Business rates
  • Service charges
  • Sublettings
  • Insurance
  • Lease renewals
  • Landlord approvals

Unusually in the hotel industry, Travelodge has its own Repairs and Maintenance Team, comprising more than 200 team members.

In the meantime, for any enquiries relating to the estate management or inspections of existing hotels, please contact: – for estate management – for hotel inspection requests