Portsmouth Travelodge has been upgraded to the new budget-luxe premium look and feel design

Budget-Luxe Bedroom

Travelodge, the pioneers of the UK budget hotel sector, are delighted to announce that Portsmouth Travelodge has been selected as on of the hotels to be upgraded to the group’s new premium look and feel Budget-Luxe design. 

The new Travelodge Budget-Luxe design has been created on the success of the group’s budget chic hotel format, TravelodgePLUS with feedback from the company’s largest consumer study – which surveyed around 5,000 UK business and leisure travellers to find the psychographics of the modern budget traveller. Key findings revealed that modern travellers crave style, choice and little homely touches to make it easier to work, rest and relax both inside and outside of the room. 

In response to this consumer insight, the Travelodge interiors team have remodelled their core product with a new budget-luxe design that includes all the low cost efficiencies you would expect from Travelodge but with the added benefit of thoughtful, stylish design and homely touches throughout its interiors.

This is underpinned by the introduction of a new signature rich navy blue brand colour which pays homage to the first iconic Travelodge blue brand colour- chosen for its calming and uplifting qualities. In essence all the key essentials that matter to modern business and leisure travellers.

During the last few months, the Travelodge Budget-Luxe Hotel Upgrade Team has been working around the clock to refit Portsmouth Travelodge to the new budget-luxe design. This collective multi-million budget-luxe hotel upgrade programme had 55 Travelodge hotels selected to be upgraded in 2023 alone, with over half (32) completed so far this year. As well as Portsmouth Travelodge, this includes two of the largest hotels on the Travelodge estate – 463-room London Central Covent Garden Travelodge and 408-room London Kings Cross Royal Scot Travelodge.

Portsmouth Travelodge, a 108-room hotel, is one of the latest hotels to feature the group’s new Budget-Luxe design.

The Portsmouth Travelodge budget-luxe upgrade includes a timeless classic, elegant style reception which is the hub of the hotel. A next generation room which has been smartly devised to create a multi-dimensional space by utilising the new luxurious signature Travelodge navy blue colour for the R&R (resting and relaxing) section of the room and a serene colour palette for the functional and energising side of the room to work and get ready.

The upgrade also features a number of sustainable initiatives, including carpet made from recycled fishing nets and plastic bottles, low energy lighting installed throughout the hotel with motion sensing controls and aerated showers and taps in the en-suite bathrooms. 

New premium, look and feel reception

The budget-luxe design also includes a number of sustainable initiatives. This includes the new carpet being made from recycled fishing nets which are part of a project supporting clean ocean initiatives, tackling over 640k tonnes of discarded fishing nets currently impacting marine life. The carpet backing is also made of old plastic bottles. Every ten of these bottles which are recycled rather than being sent to landfill saves enough energy to power a laptop for 25 hours. The other features include low energy lighting, motion sensing controls and aerated showers and taps.

The refurbishment completed on 10/11/2022.

Sean McCarthy, Hotel Manager, Portsmouth Travelodge, said: “My team
and I are delighted that our hotel is one of the first Travelodge’s to be upgraded
to the new budget-luxe premium look and feel design. This is our most radical
brand transformation to date and the budget-luxe design certainly has the wow
factor for our customers.”

“The Travelodge budget-luxe design has been created in response to ever
increasing expectations from customers. Britain is now a nation of budget
travellers, with more of us choosing to stay in budget hotels than any other hotel
type and thoughtful, stylish design and homely touches really matter in today’s
world when staying away for business or leisure.”

Psychologist Corinne Sweet said: Recent psychological research shows
people’s tastes are changing and incorporating homely touches into décor and
design are becoming essential to create a calming environment for wellbeing.
The new Travelodge budget-luxe design fits the bill as the premium look and feel
is a good mixture of high functionality, comfort and calmness which helps guests
feel psychologically refreshed.”